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The Ruff Ryders Maryland Chapter originated in the Spring of 2005 through our fathering Philly RR chapter, as a part of the Lifestyle Division of Ruff Ryders Records. We are a family of motorcycle enthusiasts, both men and women from all backgrounds and ethnicity, bound by a common passion for ryding motorcycles. As a motorcycle division of Ruff Ryders Lifestyles, our organization consists of a large network of professionals and businesses dedicated to helping each other and the communities we serve. Maryland Ruff Ryders is a non-profit organization that provides MOTORCYCLE,enthusiasts the chance to express themselves through community development and the pure passion of riding. The Maryland Ruff Ryders objective is to demonstrate leadership, community support, and outreach throughout Maryland. We operate as a family and work together supportively with other motorcyclists and clubs. It is our mission and obligation to represent Ruff Ryders Lifestyles Maryland State Chapter through the positive efforts we spread throughout our communities. We must represent motorcyclists in a law abiding, respectful, responsible manner. We live for the thrill of riding. This is a part of our being, a part of us. We are a family of one representing a Worldwide Movement.


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